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Delivery time notice – Delivery to EU remains unaffected

Due to numerous requests concerning delivery time, we are glad to announce that delivery remains unaffected both for custom made dolls as well for stock dolls.  Our logistics partners operate without interruption. Some highly affected areas may experience minor local delivery delays, however there’s no interruption from  China to EU and delivery between EU states.

UK & Ireland, Germany –  No delays

Scandinavia & Northern Europe – No delays

France, Spain, Italy – Minor local delay

Other EU countries – No delays


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Brexit Deal or No Deal? Whatever Result is – You Get Your ESD Deal!

Due to numerous requests concerning Brexit from our customers in UK and EU, we would like to inform that all orders placed through EUsexdolls will remain unaffected. We are well prepared and have established logistics warehouses in UK, Germany, Netherlands and Estonia to serve UK and entire Eurozone. Orders destined to any EU country will be shipped out from one of our logistics warehouses in EU (Germany, Netherlands, Estonia) and UK orders from our UK warehouse.

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Will TPE Sex Dolls Evolve to Sex Robots?

The recently introduced sex dolls have been evolved with an aesthetic approach. The new features introduced in the dolls were unthinkable a few years ago. Both the aesthetic and technical features have been improved to provide users with a better experience. However, a lifeless sex doll might not give an experience of a sex robot which can understand the partner and make the right noise and allow to get it seduced. A demand what makes sex doll manufacturers to work harder to satisfy their customers. Recently many tech companies are working to convert TPE sex dolls into sex robots. Robots4life is one of them who has joined the game and started developing a non-verbal human–robot interactive communication technology what will be integrated in sex dolls by EUsexdolls.

Here are some of the ways TPE sex dolls will evolve into sex robots.

Technical improvements of Sex Dolls

The manufacturers want to develop sex robots that can give a human-like experience. The minor limitations in the skeleton of a sex doll that will be removed in sex robots are:

  • The pipe used to connect head with the body will be changed to something more flexible to move and maintain different positions

  • The range of movements of a sex doll should be improved

  • Ankle and wrists will be upgraded with hinged joints so they can move normally

Technological Improvements of Sex Dolls

The experts are working on the technological improvements of the dolls. While converting the TPE sex doll into robots is not an easy task making human like movements probably is the easier part to bring human-like features. However, the biggest issue is going to be to make a sex robot to understand the partner what basically means a sex robot should have some kind of AI to provide an appropriate response. While some startups are focused on developing technologies to improve the skin and have a heat production and lubrication the biggest issue to make a sex doll to understand desires of its partner.


Some companies who started to develop sex robots earlier, already have some prototypes, but non of them still reached to the point where they can mass produce sex robots. Experts say It will take about 5 years to have sex robots to be produced on a mass scale that will have AI and close to human physical properties. Still many technical and technological issues should be fixed. However, it’s certain to say that first robots who will have a practical use are going to be sex robots.

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How to Buy a Sex Doll Discreetly in the European Union?

As many people prefer keeping their sex life private and not very open about their secret sexual pleasures, many individuals prefer to keep silent regarding their purchases. Purchasing a sex doll for sexual pleasures is often among  the topics many are not really comfortable talking about. Despite the fact that the purchaser may not be keen about sharing the details of their private life, the purchase of sex dolls is high in Europe.

As it’s not possible to stay 100% anonymous when buying a sex doll online, because the customer should provide shipping details to the seller and pay for the purchase, here are few tips to minimize your digital footprint while purchasing a sex doll.

1. The Sex Doll Supplier & Website Security

In order to prevent the leaking of sources and information it is highly important that the user tends to buy the doll from an outlet or website which protects their customer’s privacy rights.
People often tend to turn to online purchasing of such items and therefore, it is important to use websites which are encrypted by SSL. The SSL encryption allows the original data to be encrypted when it’s transferred or stored and keeps it safe from interception.
Choosing the supplier needs to be done with extreme care as many sex doll suppliers do not follow EU protection acts. The General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) act protects the privacy rights of the purchaser and web users. The European Union sex doll suppliers are bound by law to abide the GDPR act and store limited customer data for a limited period of time.
Suppliers outside the European Union not obliged to follow the GDPR and may share or even sell their customer data to the third parties. It is of utmost importance that the supplier being chosen is from the European Union.

*At EUsexdolls we follow GDPR and use SSL encryption and we store and transfer customer’s data encrypted, thus protecting and preventing the identity of the purchaser to be revealed.

2. To Use Discreet & Anonymous Payment Methods When Buying A Sex Doll

Apart from a careful selection of the supplier, a payment method needs to be selected according to the level of anonymity is required.

Below, we review available payment method at EUsexdolls.

  • Paying for a sex doll with PayPal
    PayPal Is a secure payment method to pay for a sex doll, this transaction is between the buyer, seller and PayPal. Can be paid with a PayPal account or Credit/Debit Card.

    *Paying with a credit/debit card via PayPal at EUsexdolls, you will not share information of your purchase with your bank or credit card company, on your credit/debit card statement the purchase will appear as “ESD”

  • Paying for a sex doll with EU bank transfer
    EU bank transfer is another secure way to pay for your sex doll, only buyer and seller know about the purpose of  payment.

    * At EUsexdolls you can pay securely with a EU bank transfer

  • Paying for a sex doll with a Cryptocurrency
    Paying with a cryptocurrency for your sex doll is one of the most anonymous payment method. Even the seller does’t get payer’s details.

    *At Eusexdoll we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies

  • Paying for a sex doll with Paysafecard
    Paysafecard is the most popular “digital cash” in Europe and sold at many physical locations in European Union and online. Paysafecard PINs can be purchased with cash at a convenience store an used to pay for a sex doll. It’s also possible to get a Paysafecard prepaid credit card and use it with PayPal to pay for a sex doll.

    *At Eusexdolls you can top up your account balance with a Paysafecard PINs or use Paysafecard prepaid card while paying with PayPal.

3. To Use Discreet Delivery Methods When Buying a Sex Doll

Buying a sex doll from a European supplier and having it shipped discreetly from a EU country makes it possible to keep the shipment anonymous during the transit and even the courier who will deliver to the buyer’s door will have no clue what’s in the box. The logistics company is provided only with a name and address of consignee, but no invoice or information of box content. It’s possible when buying from a EU, because a supplier based in Europe is not obliged to provide the logistics company a packing list or include purchase invoice, as long as it’s destined within European Union borders.
On the other hand, buying from a supplier outside the European Union will lead to the doll being first imported and only then delivered to the buyer. The buyer will act as an importer in this case, will pay import duties and taxes and all his data will be entered to the customs database.
Moreover, international shipping rules require the supplier to provide along with consignee basic information also the purchase invoice and a detailed packing list. A sex doll what’s  shipped from outside EU will exchange 6-7 locations with having all documents attached on the box and registered in customs databases and that’s what makes impossible to have a discreet delivery when buying a sex doll from outside the European Union.

*At Eusexdolls we ship discreetly from a EU warehouse, no labels, no marks or other documents on the carton or inside

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What makes some sex dolls illegal in Europe?

What is a sex doll?

A sex doll is a special type of sex toy in the shape of a sexual partner with the aim of aiding masturbation. These TPE or silicon dolls were made to give a better sexual satisfaction by imitating a real-life sexual experience.

A number of people have turned to sex dolls in order to spice up their sexual life. In fact, many couples opted for sex dolls in order to resolve their relationship problems. Although the motive behind this innovation is great, there are some setbacks to it when it comes to buying one in Europe.

Are sex dolls illegal?

Of course, no! Sex dolls are not illegal. However, there is a version of sex dolls that is illegal particularly in Europe and US. This version of sex dolls is known as “child sex doll”. A child sex doll is designed to look like a child, usually under the age of 18. The face, body and size of a child sex doll typically imitates a minor and that what makes a sex doll illegal. Thus, any doll representing a minor is considered illegal in Europe, US and other countries. A sex doll representing an adult is completely legal.

How child sex doll became illegal in Europe?

When the concept of sex dolls has become a popular trend among the Europeans, the child sex dolls entered the market and provoked negative reactions from women and children rights’ groups and several petitions were signed for the European governments to save the future of children by declaring child sex dolls illegal. In response to this, the European governments banned the importation of child-looking sex dolls but do not proscribe importation and owning of normal sex dolls. Hence, buying and selling of child sex doll is illegal in Europe.

The desire for a new sexual experience made sex dolls popular among Europeans and some people opt to buy dolls from China, where most of them are manufactured. However, many of Chinese suppliers are not aware of regulations in Europe and often ship illegal dolls directly to the buyers in Europe and put them in trouble. Some adult looking dolls may be considered illegal for a customs agents in Europe and get temporary or permanently seized.
There are stories where parcels coming from China were intercepted by customs and “legal” dolls were temporary seized and released after lengthy investigations and other stories where people knowingly bought child sex dolls from abroad and have been prosecuted and convicted.

How to stay clear of the European law

Most people fall into trouble because they purchase sex dolls directly from outside Europe Union and import dolls themselves where they take a full responsibility as an importer. For instance, dealers in China selling child-looking sex dolls can not be held responsible because it’s not illegal to sell/buy a sex doll representing a minor in China (yet) and because a lot of them have little or no knowledge about the European law guiding the importation and use of sex dolls, they can put their European customers in trouble easily.

Therefore, the best way to stay clear of a trouble is to purchase sex dolls from verified European sex doll suppliers who import dolls themselves. European suppliers have a concrete understanding of the rules and regulations guiding the importation and use of sex dolls in Europe and comply with them.