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How to Buy a Sex Doll Discreetly in the European Union?

As many people prefer keeping their sex life private and not very open about their secret sexual pleasures, many individuals prefer to keep silent regarding their purchases. Purchasing a sex doll for sexual pleasures is often among  the topics many are not really comfortable talking about. Despite the fact that the purchaser may not be keen about sharing the details of their private life, the purchase of sex dolls is high in Europe.

As it’s not possible to stay 100% anonymous when buying a sex doll online, because the customer should provide shipping details to the seller and pay for the purchase, here are few tips to minimize your digital footprint while purchasing a sex doll.

1. The Sex Doll Supplier & Website Security

In order to prevent the leaking of sources and information it is highly important that the user tends to buy the doll from an outlet or website which protects their customer’s privacy rights.
People often tend to turn to online purchasing of such items and therefore, it is important to use websites which are encrypted by SSL. The SSL encryption allows the original data to be encrypted when it’s transferred or stored and keeps it safe from interception.
Choosing the supplier needs to be done with extreme care as many sex doll suppliers do not follow EU protection acts. The General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) act protects the privacy rights of the purchaser and web users. The European Union sex doll suppliers are bound by law to abide the GDPR act and store limited customer data for a limited period of time.
Suppliers outside the European Union not obliged to follow the GDPR and may share or even sell their customer data to the third parties. It is of utmost importance that the supplier being chosen is from the European Union.

*At EUsexdolls we follow GDPR and use SSL encryption and we store and transfer customer’s data encrypted, thus protecting and preventing the identity of the purchaser to be revealed.

2. To Use Discreet & Anonymous Payment Methods When Buying A Sex Doll

Apart from a careful selection of the supplier, a payment method needs to be selected according to the level of anonymity is required.

Below, we review available payment method at EUsexdolls.

  • Paying for a sex doll with PayPal
    PayPal Is a secure payment method to pay for a sex doll, this transaction is between the buyer, seller and PayPal. Can be paid with a PayPal account or Credit/Debit Card.

    *Paying with a credit/debit card via PayPal at EUsexdolls, you will not share information of your purchase with your bank or credit card company, on your credit/debit card statement the purchase will appear as “ESD”

  • Paying for a sex doll with EU bank transfer
    EU bank transfer is another secure way to pay for your sex doll, only buyer and seller know about the purpose of  payment.

    * At EUsexdolls you can pay securely with a EU bank transfer

  • Paying for a sex doll with a Cryptocurrency
    Paying with a cryptocurrency for your sex doll is one of the most anonymous payment method. Even the seller does’t get payer’s details.

    *At Eusexdoll we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies

  • Paying for a sex doll with Paysafecard
    Paysafecard is the most popular “digital cash” in Europe and sold at many physical locations in European Union and online. Paysafecard PINs can be purchased with cash at a convenience store an used to pay for a sex doll. It’s also possible to get a Paysafecard prepaid credit card and use it with PayPal to pay for a sex doll.

    *At Eusexdolls you can top up your account balance with a Paysafecard PINs or use Paysafecard prepaid card while paying with PayPal.

3. To Use Discreet Delivery Methods When Buying a Sex Doll

Buying a sex doll from a European supplier and having it shipped discreetly from a EU country makes it possible to keep the shipment anonymous during the transit and even the courier who will deliver to the buyer’s door will have no clue what’s in the box. The logistics company is provided only with a name and address of consignee, but no invoice or information of box content. It’s possible when buying from a EU, because a supplier based in Europe is not obliged to provide the logistics company a packing list or include purchase invoice, as long as it’s destined within European Union borders.
On the other hand, buying from a supplier outside the European Union will lead to the doll being first imported and only then delivered to the buyer. The buyer will act as an importer in this case, will pay import duties and taxes and all his data will be entered to the customs database.
Moreover, international shipping rules require the supplier to provide along with consignee basic information also the purchase invoice and a detailed packing list. A sex doll what’s  shipped from outside EU will exchange 6-7 locations with having all documents attached on the box and registered in customs databases and that’s what makes impossible to have a discreet delivery when buying a sex doll from outside the European Union.

*At Eusexdolls we ship discreetly from a EU warehouse, no labels, no marks or other documents on the carton or inside